Our Process


Interpreting the Building Site

We know from experience that every project has its own set of challenges and conditions to overcome. That's why we approach every design project with a focus on finding the best possible solution for the client while maintaining effective communication and transparency. Because no two projects or sites are the same, each Knutson Architecture design is entirely custom.

house from lake

Comprehensive Site Analysis

Anticipating potential issues and understanding the site's complex demands at the beginning of the project is crucial to the success of the project. That's why we study the site's topography, social impact, environmental conditions, privacy concerns, neighborhood context, and several other important factors as well as conduct multiple site visits. We want to have a deep understanding of everything at the beginning so that we're able to be proactive rather than reactive.

Examining Site Context

We use site visits, historical records and personal reconnaissance allowing for a better understanding of important contextual issues such as:

  • Adjacency
  • History
  • View corridors
  • Traffic patterns
  • Solar exposure
  • Water movement
  • Topography


From Dream to Development

We like to start things off by developing and presenting initial concepts early and continuously for feedback from the client. Our creative process is collaborative and invites analytical discussion from all parties involved. Using open dialogue and candid conversations, we seek excellence at each stage of the project. Through a flexible and transparent design process, we work to inform and inspire our clients' passions.


Schematic Design

One of our favorite aspects of every project is the schematic design phase. We work with the client to discover relationships and explore opportunities between the client's goals and the site's unique components. We love combining traditional sketches with new technology to provide agile and creative exploratory concepts.


Striving for Success from Inspiration to Implementation

We execute every project using the latest technology and software to guarantee a comprehensive understanding of the design's composition and scale. We base our production drawings off this same software and technology to secure accuracy and a high level of detail. Our experience and powerful tools allow us to meet deadlines within the most urgent of timelines. We oversee all projects through construction, offering our expertise and insuring our design intentions are never questioned.


During Construction

Knutson Architecture's extensive experience and immense understanding of large and complex projects gives us special insight into how difficult the construction phase can be. We revel in the opportunity to be involved in every step of the project, participate in site visits, video chats, and communication with project managers. We stay on top of things and make sure the project is on track by conducting site visits and providing photo documentation on a regular basis.

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